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Marketing & Business Strategy Consultant 

 Podcast Host

 Study In the US Coach

 Women Empowerment Enthusiast 

This site showcases everything I do, some consultations I offer, and the many journeys I’ve taken in my career and life. Please explore it and if you like to see more of my work or want to learn more, contact me.

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Are you launching a new product or service and need some buzz? Do you need a marketing strategy that will optimize performance and productivity? Let me work with you to generate the buzz you need from both existing customers and new customers.

Creative Work

Show Me Afrika

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Telling Africa’s Story, One Story at a Time

Coming Soon!

 Join me on this journey as I celebrate and highlight and showcase Africa's hidden gems and some of the most influential people making an impact in Africa. Together let's share and discuss Africa's current events, and issues of relevance to Africans at home and abroad. 





It’s no secret that women still face an uphill battle in many areas of life despite being a critical part to driving economic growth. My goal is to make sure that I am part of change by helping women be financially independent. 

Study Abroad Coach

I don't claim to know everything but I managed to graduate with an MBA in an American college paying less  and have helped some students do the same. 

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