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"Show Me Afrika" is a captivating podcast that delves into the rich history, vibrant culture, and dynamic politics of Africa and its diaspora. Through thought-provoking conversations, the show sheds light on noteworthy individuals, compelling ideas, and engaging discussions that shape the evolving African landscape. The podcast's core mission is to foster a deeper understanding of Africa, ignite a sense of empowerment within Africans, and encourage the sharing of their collective experiences. Featuring captivating interviews with accomplished Africans and influential figures, insightful commentary on current events, and thought-provoking discussions on matters relevant to Africans both domestically and internationally, this show is a must-listen for anyone seeking to broaden their knowledge and engage with the diverse African narrative.


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Join me on this journey as I celebrate and highlight some of the most influential people making an impact in Africa and together let's show the world that we are not just AIDS, Poverty and W

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